Our Simple Promise to You

Close on your terms.
Close quickly, with no commission.
Any condition, no commissions.
Fair and fast cash offer.
No commissions, no obligations.
No commissions, no headaches.
Cash offer in 60 minutes
Close on your terms.
Close quickly, with no commission.
Any condition, no commissions.
Fair and fast cash offer.
No commissions, no obligations.
No commissions, no headaches.
Cash offer in 60 minutes

The 60 Minute
Cash Offer Difference

We Are Not a Traditional Brokerage

No Closing Cost

You pay $0 in closing costs. This means you can save thousands of dollars by choosing to go with us. Trust in us to provide a seamless and stress-free experience while securing a cash offer for your property.

We Pay All Cash

At 60 Minute Cash Offer, we are able to offer cash for your home. No need to worry about the buyer’s financing. We pay all cash, making the selling process quick and easy for you. 

No Appraisals

No appraisals necessary. We are ready to make you an offer after 60 minutes. Let us give you the cash and peace of mind you deserve.

Close Quickly

Our team is experienced and ready to assist you in the process of selling your home. We can close within 7 days or on a timeline that works best for you.

Guaranteed Offer

We guarantee our cash offer for your home. Trust 60 Minute Cash Offer for a smooth transaction and save you the headache of dealing with mortgage and finance companies.

Zero Commissions

At 60 Minute Cash Offer, we take zero commission, meaning more cash in your pocket.

Get a Cash Offer on Your Home in 60 Minutes

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Meet Omar

My Goal is to take the Stress away of finding that buyer to buy your house, and the stress of showing it multiple times, we will get you that cash offer in 60 minutes or less.

As a Real Estate Professional with over 20 years experience we've helped thousands of clients get a cash offer for their home.

My Team will not list your home, we will buy your home in AS IS condition! Book a call with us and get your CASH OFFER TODAY, Our Team is Ready and will meet with you and close on your terms. Looking forward to helping you soon!


How much can I save with 60 Minute Cash?

Listing Price
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60 Minute Cash Offer
No Commissions Ever
Typical Agent Fees
6% Standard Commissions
Your Savings With 60 Minute Cash Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does 60 Minute Cash Offer Work? 

The first step is our free, no-obligation consultation to learn about the home. After learning about your home our team puts together a fair all-cash offer. We are able to close on your home within 7 days OR give you time to find your next home

Do You Pay Fair Prices For Properties?

We do purchase many homes below market value (so we can resell at a profit to another homeowner after repairs). We look to get a fair discount on the property, however, in our experience, many homeowners are expecting a large gain on the property but rather appreciate a cash offer and quick close.

How Do You Determine The Price To Offer On My Home?

Our process is very straightforward. We look at where the property is located, what kind of repairs are needed on the property, and the current condition of the home. From there, we take a look at the homes that sold in the same area recently then make an offer on your property.

What if i want to keep equity during a recession?

If you qualifiy for the Renovate it program we can help you maximize the profits / equity you can make and sell for more.

How Are We Different From a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents list properties and then hope that a buyer comes along and makes a great offer and then they make the commission and hopefully the seller Gets what they want and not to mention the long closing process. At 60 Minute Cash Offer, we are not listing houses, we are home buyers that pay all cash and can close on your timeline.

What if I don't want to sell my home?

If you don't want to sell your home to us no problem, we can have someone from our Traditional Real Estate Team reach out and market and List your home so you can make a little bit more money.

 Does It Matter If I Leave Stuff Behind?

Since we buy properties in as-in condition, you can leave whatever items you wish not to take with you.